We have compiled these links to helpful sites on the Net for your reference.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM)


Division of State Architect-California

U.S. Geological Survey

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG)

American Geological Institute (AGI)

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)

Geological Society of America (GSA)

California Code of Regulations

Guidelines for Mapping Expected Ground Shaking Hazard

California Trade and Commerce Agnecy

Environmental Public Affairs Office-Department of Navy

Super Fund Sites - California

City of Burbank,

Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Works

City of Los Angeles, Environmental Affairs Department

City of Los Angeles, Board of Building and Safety